Laurence Tavernier

Self-taught, creative and entrepreneurial, Laurence Tavernier is a true French woman  who realized that the traditional style of home and loungewear was changing. In 1987, she created her own label out of a desire for beautiful clothing that would also be comfortable to wear. 

Founded in the tradition of couture, Laurence Tavernier's designs showcase refined details, elegant fabrics and artistic talent. Each collection reflects her personality and lifestyle, that of discretion and elegance, while continually anticipating the changes in modern life. Her styles are always simple and practical, yet modern and elegant. Laurence Tavernier's understanding and perception of the art of living is translated into the shapes and cuts of her luxurious robes, pajamas and nightgowns. She adds her finishing touches to these innovative and daring garments in the final stages of design and production, in order to create modern, unique pieces.