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Marie Jo


Marie Jo (or Marie Jo Haute Lingerie) has been standing for high quality, well made and ‘forget you are wearing it’ comfortable lingerie since 1981. Always manufactured using high-grade materials it caters for every occasion a woman’s life might come across. From feminine and understated design like the Jane collection to the recognisable daisy straps of Avero.

 Marie Jo offers a wide selection of size and shape suitable for all women up to an E cup and down to a 30 back.


Marie Jo L'aventure


Marie Jo L’Aventure is the less fussy, more invisible sister brand of Marie Jo. What it lacks in intricate lace, it makes up with funky prints on smooth cups, and multiway capability. Although Marie Jo l’Aventure’s popularity is growing with the next generation of bra wearers because of its foamed cups and size range, it is also very popular with the Marie Jo crowd, especially in the summer months, when a smooth cup and a pretty strap is a must with skimpy outfits.

Like Marie Jo, L’Aventure comes up to an E cup and down to a 30 back.

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