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‘Look ten pounds lighter in 10 seconds’: This is the Miraclesuit moto, and, for once, it does do what it says on the label! Miraclesuit was first and foremost a shapewear brand. But in 2007 it introduced a Swimwear collection to its portfolio. An Instant success in the USA, it is now recognised worldwide. Its success is due to 2 main factors: First, the way the suits are put together. Second, the use of a revolutionary fabric called Miratex. All Miraclesuit have an under layer of control fabric (the Miratex) which gives you the support and control but also stops the overlaying draping from looking strained and pulled, thus giving you a perfectly put together look, without showcasing the control part of the garment.

We stock Miraclesuit from a size 8 to a size 20.

We also stock the Miraclesuit DD range which caters well to G cups and above.

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