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At Amélie's Follies we take as much care into selecting the brands of swimwear we stock as we do in fitting you into them. Finfing that perfect bikini or swimsuit can be even more of a minefield than finding that perfect bra. That is why, our highly trained and knowlegeable sales assistants will do all the running around for you. We approach swimwear fitting in the same way as we would a bra fitting, but with the extra knowledge of each brand specific fit and sizing. Not all bikinis are made equal, and just because you are a size 10, it doesn't mean your bikini will be too! Some bikinis are made for a small bust, some for a bigger bust. Some are sized small, medium and large; some are cup sized. Our staff will know which ones will work for your size and colouring, and aim to only offer you the ones that will fit...saving you lots of time and heartache.

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