Concrete - London

Angela Blundell, founder, created Concrete - London clothing in 2020 to meet a requirement for timeless and enduring sustainable products, designed to last forever. The collection is inspired by the desire to ‘slow down’ our lives, to pause for a moment and think about how we are treating our planet and what we can do to protect it. Concrete - London is a keen supporter of manufacturing in the UK, an ambassador for sustainability and dedicated to combatting fast fashion.They use a Japanese technique known as ‘Whole garment technology’ on their merino programme, where there is zero wastage of yarn thanks to the process of producing the garment as a whole piece. No seams means no yarn waste. They use luxury non-mulesed merino from traceable yarn suppliers, GOTS-certified cotton from verified suppliers and recycled or leftover fabric from sustainable companies. Their manufacturers are UK-based and focus on achievable production, not mass production. 

Whether you choose to wear their 100% Merino garments at home or for travelling, you will fall in love with their minimalist designs and super comfortable pieces.